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A Different Kind of Rescue

>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you think this doesn't look like Tango and me, you're right. This horse was among one of 200 that competed in the New Vocations Charity Horse Show - along with me and Tango - this weekend. I told you that this show was really special. I didn't tell you why.

The show was all about raising funds and showcasing successful confident horses. The money raised helps to provide a peaceful environment to rehabilitate and train thoroughbred and standardbred race horses that are injured or retired from the racetrack. The goal is to eventually place these animals in loving homes. These horses have already given their hearts and souls. If it weren't for New Vocations, and other groups like them across the country, many of these horses would be slaughtered.

The lovely horse shown jumping above is one of many rescue horse who competed in the show. Does he look like he's ready to be slaughterd? I don't think so. To me, this horse looks like he's having a blast. Some horses really like to jump and I think this horse is one of them. New Vocations saved this horse's life.

The show was highly competitive and lots of fun. Thanks to sponsors and riders, this year over $40,000 was raised to help save more lives. More than thirty volunteers worked hard to make the show a success. Tango and I were privileged to be a part of the show and honored to do so well! If you'd like to know more about this amazing rescue program go to

And no, Tango's not a thoroughbred or a standardbred. He's my very own rescue story though. Finishing 1st in our last class was truly icing on the cake.
July 26, 2009


Mollie Jo and Bobo July 30, 2009 at 2:29 PM  

That is very cool that they can help so many horses.


Paula July 30, 2009 at 7:41 PM  

It hard to believe that after racing their hearts out people just get rid of them like trash. I think alot of people think they all just end up eating pasture on some nice hill somewhere. Sad. The same with pure breed puppies. Everyone wants want but they get them and then dump them. Anyone can look up a pure breed rescue and find out how their lovable puppies are treated. Lots of people think it only happens to mutts...not so. :(

Jan Mader July 30, 2009 at 7:46 PM  

You are so right. There's no nice pasture on a nice hill for most retired race horses. Sadly, the same is true for other animals. Each time I rescue a dog or cat I'm reminded of how many more animals are out there that won't make it. I guess we just keep on doing what we can, even though it's only a drop in the bucket.

Anonymous July 30, 2009 at 7:53 PM  

I'll be sending a check to New Vocations. I just looked them up on google.

Tweedles -- that's me July 30, 2009 at 8:59 PM  

That is a wonderful story. I knew there must be a special story behind this wonderful even. Thank you for sharring it. And that you to the many people who are involved in rescue. We had donkeys that were rescued from the slaughter house- just in the nick of time. They became wonderful companions that were happy to have love and were not afraid to Bray about it.
All those horses needed was a chance! Thank goodness people cared.
And you and Tango deserve to be recognized. Look how proud he stood!

Jan Mader July 30, 2009 at 10:42 PM  

It was a proud weekend for sure! I'll post more of those photos later on.

Ziggy Stardust July 30, 2009 at 11:31 PM  

Thank you for sharing that story. I am not sure sometimes if people realize how much horses need help and rescue also. I have learned so much just since blogging.

Anne and Sasha

Jan Mader July 30, 2009 at 11:49 PM  

I've learned so much since I started blogging about animals too. The one common thread that runs between our blogs is the love and respect that we have for all creatures great and small.

The other thread that weaves in and out is the joy and fun that we all share!

Sandy July 31, 2009 at 7:44 AM  

Such a cool story, great pictures. Glad you and Tango could be a part of this.


Anonymous August 27, 2009 at 11:18 AM  

The grey horse in your photo is also a rescue from New Vocations! Thanks for helping to get the word out about this wonderful cause. Without New Vocation's we wouldn't own Frazee's Folly. He is such an amazing animal! This show was only 7 1/2 months after he came off the track at Mountaineer Park and thats my 15 year old daughter riding him. He is doing really well learning dressage and is the love of her life!

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