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A Work in Progress - Our Sammy

>> Saturday, December 4, 2010

As many of you know, Sammy came to us in late spring. He was big, doppy, and totally incorrigible. I loved him from the very beginning. So did my youngest son, Ryan. Chuck wasn't so sure. After all, our other dogs knew what they were supposed to do and Sammy didn't. On top of not knowing what he should do, Sammy did anything he wanted to do which included going into the living room (sacred area for my husband's comfort) and unloading the dishwasher, cupboards, and counters on a regular basis.

Sammy was a third wheel. He didn't know how big he was and even though Maddie and Annabelle weren't threatened by him, they had their own little niche in life. The girls more or less ignored him for most of the time. Occasionally Sammy would run over one of them and that wasn't a happy time. Spring led to summer. We took Sammy to an introductory obedience class and worked and worked with him at home. By mid-summer he was housebroken and had an inkling of what was a good idea and what was not. Chuck even began to develop a fondness for Sammy. He began to play big dog games with him and seemed to really soften up towards our gentle giant.
Now that fall has arrived (in full force) and Chuck is getting ready to retire, Sammy is included in all family events. He loves to go for walks in the park and stays right by our sides. In fact, just like Annabelle and Maddie, wherever I am, Sammy is. Yes he takes up more space but I certainly don't care. As for Maddie and Annabelle, they've taken Sammy into their little pack. Annabelle's still head honcho and puts Sammy in his place from time to time but Sammy's okay with that. After our last Newfie died I swore I'd never get another because I couldn't go through the pain. Well, I guess I will someday because Sammy's worth it. The joy he brings to my life is immeasurable
And the humor he and Chuck both bring to me just can't be said in words. Our Sammy can't always be called a "good boy" yet, but he can be called amazing...simply amazing. I sure do love him.
Sammy's a work in progress and a good retirement project for Chuck...don't you think?


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