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>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

If Kelly is scruffy like Tramp, then Maddie can certainly be described as the dog that played Lady. Together they are Lady and the Tramp. Maddie's as feminine as they come. She's a pretty little dog...ruby red.

Of my three, Maddie's the only dog that isn't a rescue. Maddie's a King Charles spaniel. I always tell people that Maddie's not the brightest bulb on the tree, but she's certainly sweet. Sweet and obsessed with food.

Maddie eats anything...well almost anything. I feed Maddie in a crate with an open door. She inhales her food then sits and waits for more... just in case. Even though Maddie's only six, she's had most of her teeth removed. Her short snout left her predisposed to dental problems.

Having no teeth doesn't stop Maddie in the least. I thought I might have to give her canned dog food, but Maddie's veracious appetite (or obsession with food) seems to give her the ability to be creative in the way she chews and swallows. Actually, her lack of teeth may be a blessing in disguise. It takes her a little longer to finish her meals now.

Maddie is almost always underfoot. That's okay, I like having her near me...I just have to remember she's nearby if I have the urge to move suddenly. As I'm typing this, Maddie's where she always is when I'm on the computer...between my feet. I'm sure she's dreaming about food!


Sandy April 28, 2009 at 9:48 AM  

Food and drink. Gotta be careful where you put your wine glass, or pop, or beer or anything when Maddie's around. She heads right for it.

Gotta see if I can get some pics posted so folks can see who's who when you refer to them.


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